How do you get moms to open up about a taboo mental health topic? Make a jeans commercial. We helped UNC-Chapel Hill recruit participants for a genetic research study on postpartum depression by changing the conversation from scary and helpless—to empowering and approachable.


We launched with a PSA that turns familiar elements of women’s denim advertising into a brutal metaphor for how moms experience postpartum depression.

We enlisted a denim artist to create custom jean jackets fit for a badass mom.
Every trendy denim brand does a pop-up, so we hosted an exclusive event at The Grove in LA, attended by mommy bloggers, influencers, and PPD activists.

Instagram served as our content hub, with info about the study as well as a platform for the voices of PPD survivors.
We overhauled the website, research app, and DNA collection kits for a cohesive look and user-friendly experience. Also, fun buttons, stickers, and patches!
The campaign has generated a surge in participation, giving the UNC researchers valuable data—and giving moms everywhere hope that the fight against PPD is a winnable one.